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Descriptive Statistics Project

Today you will study descriptive statistics including 5-number summaries, stem and leaf plots, and box and whisker plots. 
You may work with a partner if you choose.
Your task is to study the information in the links (underlined), do the "PRACTICE", then complete the related task problem in your packet using the "Airplane Data Set" given at the beginning of your packet.  There is a problem for each of the four tasks.
Within each task, there is an opportunity to explore how to use your graphing calculator to check your answers.  Feel free to explore this option.

Task 1 Measures of Central Tendancy (a single number that describes the centeredness of a set of data)
You will learn the difference between mean, median, and mode. 
Study the difference between the three in the following links.
Provide a definition of each in your packet.
Practice mean median mode at the PRACTICE link.

measures of central tendency

Purple Math Mean, Median, and Mode


Now find the mean, median, and mode for each of the data sets in your packet.

Task 2  Building a Box and Whisker Plot
Study the directions for building a box and whisker plot.
You will need the "five-number summary" to complete the box.
If you need more instruction to help you, check out the Purple Math link as well. 
Complete the online PRACTICE using the practice link, problem # 3 only.

Box and Whisker link

Purple Math Box and Whisker


Now, in your packet, complete the five number summary and draw a boxplot for data set 2 Wingspan.

Task 3 Stem and Leaf Plots
Stem and Leaf plots are easy to make and tell us a lot about the data set.  Study how to make a stem and leaf plot using the following link.

Stem and Leaf

Purple Math Stem and Leaf

In your packet, complete the stem and leaf plot for data set 2 Wingspan.

Try the interactive plotter to check your work

Task 4 Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit
First you will examine scatter plots and correlation. In your packet, describe the differences between positive correlation, negative correlation, and no correlation.
Next study the information about "lines of best fit".
Try all the problems in the practice set.

Scatter Plots and Correlation

Line of Best Fit


In your packet, create a scatterplot of the data in Task 1.  Is there evidence of correlation? If so,  is it positive or negative?  On your scatterplot, to the best of your ability, draw a line of best fit.

If you have extra time, try this.

Lines of Best Fit using your graphing calculator

How to do descriptive statistics on the TI-84 graphing calculator

You have two class periods to complete the task.  If you finish early, explore the fractal tutorial on my web site.

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