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About Mrs. Smith
Algebra 2 Period 5,7,8
Geometry Period 1
Geometry Period 3
Famous Mathematician Project
Descriptive Statistics Project
Architect Project
Park Plan Project
Math Dictionary Links
Using the TI graphing calculator
Extra Credit Problems
MCAS Information
Translating Word Problems
compass and protractor
Constructing Bridges
Pythagorean Theorem
Greek - English Alphabet Project
NERRS - Watershed to Estuary
Isaac Asimov
Origami Hearts
STAR Math Testing link to Renaissance Place
Mrs. Smith Sums It Up

Geometry Period 1

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Khan Academy

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Term 2 Assignments

online puzzles

Link to Quizlet Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Link to Quizlet Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Link to Quizlet Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Link to Quizlet Chapter 4 Vocabulary and Conjectures

Link to Quizlet Midyear Vocabulary Study Set

Quizlet link to Chapter 5 Vocabulary and conjectures

Quizlet Link to CHapter 6 Vocabulary and Conjectures

Link to Chapter 7 Vocabulary and Conjectures

Quizlet Link to Chapter 8 Vocabulary and Conjectures

FINAL Exam Quizlet Study Set

click here to view symmetry pictures

Similarity in the Art of M C Escher

Math and Art of M C Escher Main Page

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