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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training

Analyzing Teaching Strategies

Frequently Requested Areas for Instructional Support

- constructing lessons (behavioral objective, instructional activities and assessment tasks) in performance agreement
- selecting strategies and materials for effective instruction
- individualizing classroom instruction to accomodate the differences among the students
- advice on materials and resources for teaching

- using alternative teaching techniques
- relating subject matter to student experiences
- adjusting materials to student learning abilities
- involving students in establishing goals and class activities

- helping students develop self-esteem
- selecting activities to broaden students' career options

Classroom Management
-providing structure and organization in the classroom
-using effective record keeping techniques
- selecting strategies for working with disruptive students

- constructing effective assessment activities
- planning effective student conferences
- conferencing effectively with parents

Understanding Learning style differences and multiple intelligences is important for developing appropriate instructional strategies at a vocational school. The following website provides information on learning styles, multiple intelligences, and learning disabilities. There is a brief Learning Styles Quiz that both the mentor and mentee should take together as a lead in to exploring this website.

Link to Learning Styles

Multiple Intelligences

More Howard Gardiner

Strategy resources, lessons, videos at the Teaching Channel

Teaching Strategies and Disciplinary Resources

Strategies for testing and grading

Assessing Student Support Needs / 504 and IEP Development for Young Adults/ Great site...Check it out!

Differentiated Instruction

NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training