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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training
Mentor/Mentee Observation Support

Mentor/Mentee Pre-Observation Meeting

Class Taught:



Teacher Signature: Date:

Mentor Signature: Date:

1. What are the objectives of this lesson? What has ld up to and what will follow this lesson?

2. Where are you in this course? (unit, lesson, page, etc.)

3. What teaching/learning activities will be observed and what methods will be used?

4. Which of these particular teaching behaviors listed do you want monitored? Do you have any particular concerns about this lesson? How can I help? Is there anything in particular you would like me to observe?

attention to review and preview
task orientation of lesson
clear transition signals
verbal or visual emphasis
clarity of instruction
evidence of student comprehension
evidence of teacher preparation
attention to summarization
engaging all students
whole class discussion
monitoring all groups in group lesson

5. How are you going to know if the students have learned? Do you expect particular student reactions?

6. Are there any group or individual characteristics or circumstances of which the mentor should be aware? (Unusual behaviors, grouping interactions, students leaving class during the period, lab work, etc.)

Teacher Notes

Mentor Notes

Any Additional Comments

DURING THE LESSON the mentor records "literally" whatever data was agreed upon.

Post Observation

The facts (share the data you have collected): What does the observation data tell you? What patterns jumpout at you?

Reflection (gather impressions and reactions): How did you feel about the lesson you taught? What helped make this lesson successful? If you were doing this lesson over, what might you leave in or out?

Interpretive (explore the meaning and understanding about the teaching): What did you learn from this observation cycle? What does the data tell you about yourself as a teacher?

Elaborative (search for additional details and insights): Can you tell me more about that? Can you give me another example? Can you help me understand why it is important to_____?

Decision/Impact Questions (find out what the mentee wants to do with the learnings): What would you like to do with this data? What needs to happen next?"

Teacher Comments

Mentor Comments

NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training