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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training

Calendar of Events

Phase 1: Mechanics of the School Facility (to be addressed before school opens)

__campus tour
__the "handbook"
__ employee's handbook and contract/MFT
__copy machines
__use of audio-video equipment
__daily schedule
__homeroom procedures
__reading student schedules
__IEP's and 504's
__student agenda books
__room locations
__access to computer network
__attendance procedures
__lunch schedules
__bell schedules
__teachers' meetings
__emergency procedures / safety
__activity period
__parent responsibilities/contacts
__Open House
__warning notices
__Parent Conferences
__discipline referals
__progress reports
__student services (SAT)
__referral to counseling or nurse
__media center practices and internet policies (computer calander)
__homework policy
__thunderstorm/hurricane policy
__campus vehicles policy
__field trips policy
__on campus trips

Phase 2: Curriculum Content and Classroom Management (to be addressed during first three months, meetings go from daily to weekly to monthly, as needed.

__academic and vocational frameworks
__textbooks and other available resources
__lesson plans and plan book
__substitute notebook
__specific units of study
__quizes, tests, and other assessments
__quality/quantity of home assignments
_prodedure for requesting new materials


__daily, weekly, term planning
__consistent communication of expectations to students
__plan book
__classroom management plan including polycy and procedure for make-up work
__meaningful tasks which engage students/ integration
__several activities for each class period
__positive, open, friendly, fearless attidude toward students
__pleasant, neat classroom

Phase 3: Educational Strategies (to be addressed with the mentee during the remainder of the year.

__high expectations
__multiple learning styles
__relevant lessons
__student teacher interaction
__active learning
__interdisiplinary activities
__technology use
__school to work awareness
__cooperative learning structures
__Individualized Lesson Plans
__positive relationship with work and colleagues.



__quizes and test grades
__book lists
__parent contact 

(DUE October 1)

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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training