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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training
Using Technology

Technology links to get you started.

Smart Board


Smart Notebook Training

SMART Teacher Exchange

Eduscapes SmartBoard Exchange - lots of great ideas for using SmartBoard features in the classroom.

More Smartboard Resources

Some Templates

Interactive Sites for SmartBoard use

Some ideas:
Save lessons to present to students who were absent.
Use the SmartBoard to prepare a lecture and training sessions and burn it to a cd or save to a USB. Then use it for "substitute lesson plans" on a day you have to be gone. No more lost time when the teacher has to be out and very easy for the substitute to deliver!
Create a Jeopardy Review.

Jeopardy Review Maker using Flash

Some very cool student interactives.

Care for your Board: 
Shut down the computer before cleaning your board to avoid scrmbling the desktop.
Clean your board with Windex sprayed on a soft not spray the board directly. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners. For stubborn stains, use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to clean the writing surface.
Do not use dry erase markers if your Smartboard has an OptiPro surface.    If you must use markers, use the high odor original dry erase only.  The low odor ones are next to impossible to remove. 
Do not use any adhesive tape on the surface.

Smart Technologies Care Instructions

Web Sites

Web Quests

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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training