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UMASS Frameworks Relevancy

Bristol Aggie Spring Session

Session 4

Open Response Questions

Developing Open Response Questions for the Classroom

Gathering Good Evidence With Open-Response Questions

MCAS Open Response Questions

Mass DOE

Other Open Response Sites

About MCAS Practice Open Response Questions

Steps to Creating a Successful Open Response

Templates for Constructing Open- Ended Questions: Math and Science

Sources of Mathematics Open Response Questions

Open Ended Response Tips

Open Response Planning Guide

A Collection of Assessment Strategies

Language Strategies for Mathematics

Using Reading and Writing Strategies in Math

Session 3 Formative Assessment and Rubrics

Today's links include

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators - Assessment

Kathy Shrock's Homepage

Rubrics and Beyond

BROAD QUESTION 2 (Broad question answers are to be finalized by the end of the course for inclusion in your portfolio)
Compare and contrast summative and formative assessment. How are these forms of assessment currently used in your classroom, major area, or school? How would you like to see them used?
Choose an example of a rubric you have used or would like to use. Include a brief explanation for choosing this particular rubric.

Session 2

Today's problem on farming is from PBS Teacher Source. There are many wonderful websites with connections to problems encountered in career applications.

Our lesson is "Calculations from the Farm."

The lesson references two NCTM standards:

STandard 4 Measurement

* Understand measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, and processes of measurement.
* Apply appropriate techniques, tools, and formulas to determine measurements.

Standard 9 Connections

* Recognize and use connections among mathematical ideas.
* Understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole.
* Recognize and apply mathematics in contexts outside of mathematics

Visit the link below to the PBS website. With your group, choose the appropriate standards from the Massachusetts Mathematics Frameworks and the VTE/COPS embedded academics frameworks in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Cluster that apply to this lesson. Document these frameworks and hand them in.

PBS Teacher Source

Your homework for next session is to print out the following lengthy article about Standards. Read it carefully and make notes in the margin about your thoughts as your read.

Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment

Session 1
Links to frameworks:

Massachusetts Math Frameworks

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards

Massachusetts Vocational Technical Draft Curriculum Frameworks

BROAD QUESTION 1 (Broad questions answers are to be finalized by the end of the course for inclusion in your portfolio)
In what ways do you make the most of the Math frameworks and MCAS testing in your classroom? How do the new (draft) VTE Curriculum Frameworks impact your classroom? In what ways can they be of use to you?

Supporting Articles

"depth vs coverage" article

"Is Your School Ready for Standards-Based Reform?"

"Rethinking Assessment and Its Role in Supporting Educational Reform"

Link to a wide array of education links

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