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Joanne Smith UMass Boston

Differentiating Instruction
Learning Styles Inventory
Multiple Intelligence
Differentiating Instruction
Stratgies for Differentiating Instruction

Four Ways to Differentiate Instruction 

*Differentate the content or topic
*Differentiate the process or activities
*Differentiate the product
*Differentiate by manipulating the environment or through accomodating individual learning styles

More details on Differentiating Instruction

Concentrate not on what you will teach, but what your students will demonstrate after spending time with you.
Differentiating requires you to create different paths for students to take. Sometimes this requires you to define "fairness" in a new way. It is important to establish the fact that each student brings a unique set of skills to the class and a unique learning style.
Providing 3 or 4 different options in any given class is reasonable. Start with 2 if that is what you can handle.
You will need to pre-assess your class, understand the differences in readiness,interest, learning style.
For teachers  just beginning to differntiate, concentrate of varying the content or the product, possibly the process, for each group of students in your class.
The goal is to present a students strengths and move forward from there.

Joanne Smith U Mass Boston