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NCAHS Beginning Teacher Resources

This website is a resource for information that a beginning teacher may find useful.  Feel free to explore.  This website is always under construction.  Please e-mail me links to any sites you find useful as a beginning teacher.
Jo Smith

Mentor/Mentee Meetings – Year 1, 2 and 3

School Year 2016-2017

The dates listed below indicate sessions being held as part of the Mentoring Program at Norfolk Aggie. Please remember that participation in the mentoring program is required by state law – so your involvement is important. Although specific sessions are noted for mentees in years 2 and 3, year 2 and 3 teachers are encouraged to attend other sessions as well. All meetings will last one hour.

If you have any questions, please see Joanne Tankard Smith (Year One) Coordinator or Diane Spain (Years 2 and 3) Coordinator. Most meetings will be held in the school library. Technology meetings will be held in various computer labs throughout the campus. Notice of location will be by email.


             August 31  2:30 PM Nuts and Bolts

             Mentees 1

             Presenters: Joanne Smith and Diane Spain

Understand the importance of accurate attendance and grading. Discuss 3-day emergency plans and create a notebook for substitutes.

 September 7    2:30 PM TeachPoint I

 Mentees 1,2,3

 Presenter: Sean Crowley

Understand TeachPoint and NCAHS’ observation/evaluation system. Work on SmartGoals.


September 14 2:30 PM Student Services, Guidance and High School Discipline

Mentees 1

Presenters: Jane Wiggin & Dawn Caron

Understand the NCAHS model, how to refer, assist, and work with the counselors and special education teachers to serve our students. Learn about the discipline system at NCAHS and how it is implemented across campus. Begin to acquire de-escalation strategies to handle a variety of classroom related discipline issues.

September 19 2:30 PM Managing Relationships with Students: How close is too close?

Mentees 1,2,3   & Mentors

Presenters:  Sean Crowley

Student - Teacher relationships are vital to successful teaching. We will learn the essential ethical considerations to maintain professional boundaries while still preserving an effective learning environment.

September 21 2:30 PM Vocational Side of the House

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenters: Linda Radzvilla and Diane Spain

Understand the NCAHS Mission and the vocational programs that support it.


October 12 2:30 PM Preparing for Parent Conferences

Mentees 1

Presenter: Sean Crowley & Jane Wiggin

Gain an understanding of how Parent Conferences are conducted, what documentation you should have prepared, talking with parents and students.


November 9 2:30 PM TeachPoint II

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenter: Sean Crowley

Expand your knowledge of TeachPoint. Work on evidence collection.



November 16    2:30 PM Licensure and PDPs

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenter: Michael Cournoyer

Understand the Massachusetts DESE licensure process. Check in to make sure you are making progress towards your professional licensure and professional development goals. Get some ideas on how you can gain some PDPs during the next half of the year.




December 14 2:30 PM  Classroom Management: The Art of De-escalation I

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenter: Dawn Caron

Learn about de-escalation strategies for safely defusing anxious and/or hostile behavior at the earliest possible stage. Examine a variety of common scenarios and work together to determine your best options.


January 4   2:30 PM Improving Teaching

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenter: Sean Crowley

One of the classroom teacher’s most important jobs is managing the learning environment effectively.  Together, we will learn strategies to win the hearts of our students while continuing to get inside their heads.


February 1 2:30 PM Classroom Management: The Art of De-escalation II

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenter: Dawn Caron

Share “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of the school year so far.  Laugh together, share and develop more management strategies to make it through second semester.


February 15 2:30 PM Preparing for IEP Meetings

Mentees 1

Presenter: Jane Wiggin

Meet with the Director of Student Services to learn how an IEP meeting is conducted, to understand your role in the process, and to develop skill in documenting student progress.


March 1 2:30 PM Licensure & PDP’s Part II

Mentees 1,2,3

Presenters: Sean Crowley & Linda Radzvilla

Check in to make sure you are making progress towards your professional development goals, and get some ideas on how you can gain some PDPs during the rest of the school year and the summer.

        April 26            2:30 PM Hilltop Tour

              Mentees 1,2,3

              Presenters: Joanne Smith and Diane Spain

Meet the other side of the farm! Ride the white bus to Hilltop and experience the acres of cropland and managed forest. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (maybe bug spray!) for a walk through fields and woods. Celebrate our last meeting with ice cream at the infamous Bubbling Brook.


June 1 Wrap Up

For Mentees 1,2,3

Complete the online review of the workshops and share what other supports and training you need and turn in the signed form documenting your observations of other teacher’s classrooms or collaboration with other teachers to Joanne Smith by June 1.

For Mentors

Submit your Mentor/Mentee LOG documenting your meetings and your observation form documenting your three classroom observations of your mentee to Joanne Smith by June 1.


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