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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training

Welcome to the Mentoring Home Page. The tabs above are used to navigate this website.  Click on each direct link below  to access the appropriate pages to begin your mentor training.

Task 1: Read the "Support Team" page. Print out, complete and score the "Checklist for Prospective Mentors". Keep this in your mentor handbook. Understand the flow of information between mentors, mentees, and administration to insure confidentiality.

Task 2: Read each of these short articles (3) and explore the MLRN network articles.

Task 3: Become familiar with the DOESE licensure websites and regulations at this page.

Task 4: Develop a mentoring timeline specific to your dicipline that details what you will focus on as a mentor. You should include the first week, the first two months, and then the remainder for the year. You can find a suggested list of general topics at the Calendar of Events page. Your timeline should include specifics for your discipline. Think about the seasons, indoor and outdoor work, accessing the vans and equipment for vocational disciplines, sharing resources, MCAS testing for academic disciplines, research papers, etc.

Task 5: Before observing your mentee, please print and review the observation support documents to make the most of your pre and post discussions. It is important to have some specific issue your mentee determines as a focus of your visit.

At this website you will find the basic components of your training. This portion is self-study in nature. There will be two assignments that must be completed and turned in to Joanne Smith to complete your training and receive your ten pdp's.

Our workshop tasks will focus on confidentiality, sharing of timelines, classroom observation, frequently requested support, and practice with mentoring scenerios.
You will work on mentoring scenarios as a group. They can be found in your mentor handbook. To complete your training, you will turn in your timeline and a short reflective paper on mentoring. Use the link below for the prompts.  

Prompts for your reflective paper.

Contact Jo Smith at jsmith@norfolkaggie.org

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NCAHS Teacher Mentor Training